Where there’s muck!

The old adage of where there’s muck there’s money is now changing to where there’s muck there’s energy! For the BioGas innovation is taking manure and turning it into electricity and gas. The wonderful thing about the process is that we deliver the bi-product of fertilizer from the process. There is nothing wasted and there is material left to spread on the land.


To be able to make the system deliver effective energy in the Caribbean requires a lot of animals, which most Islands do not have in sufficient quantities. The answer we have hit on is utilising human waste. Not the most savoury of topics but a never-ending source of product to deliver energy.

All Caribbean Islands struggle with what to do with the waste the population of the Islands generate. The waste water is being pumped through the land once cleaned. Most housing estates and properties utilise sceptic tanks that are being emptied into the waste water plants.

Rather than having a nuisance and burden on the Islands, why not take the sludge and supply energy to help meet the Islands electricity needs along with creating fertilizer to enrich the soil.

Helping green the Islands

If the human waste is used for energy then plants can be built to make resorts and large estates self sufficient on energy. Taking the contents from the sceptic tanks and feeding it into the hoppers for the BioGas plants will enable the delivery of electricity to the energy grids and supplementing the Islands electricity requirements.

With climate change requiring a greening for energy production we have to look at all options to deliver sustainable energy. The traditional and expected methods of solar and wind power will obviously shoulder the burden. However, alternatives such as BioGas will not only create green energy that is sustainable and renewable but also remove a problem from the Islands hitherto unable to be dealt with effectively.

The waste water treatment is not always present on Islands and some are relying on historic methods of waste treatment. By removing the raw material and utilising into energy it therefore eradicates a problem needing a solution.

This is exciting innovation and one we are proud to be initiating to deliver a green, renewable, sustainable energy source for the Caribbean and elsewhere.