CaribbeanMGT was founded in 2019 by Roger Southam and Paul Blount. Paul is Caymanian originally from the UK and Roger arrived on Island in 2018.

Roger had a successful business, Chainbow, in the UK for 27 years before selling to Savills in 2016. Working with Savills for 2 years he developed their successful block and multifamily management departments for them. He became a consultant in 2018 operating in UK and Ireland. In late 2018 he was asked to come out to Cayman to run a real estate company. Paul and Roger met through the friendship of Paul’s wife, Susie, and the daughter of Roger’s ex business partner in the UK.

Paul runs the innovative and exceptional furniture store Living.ky and there was synergy with Roger and Paul’s skillsets and appetite to deliver quality service in all they do. In November 2019, CaribbeanMGT was born. The core activities are built on Roger’s professional and altruistic endeavours to seek innovation and to have technology that genuinely makes life easier.

The products offered by Tech Solutions will be added to as time goes on with products that can make Caribbean business easier, streamlined and effective.

The real estate mantra will always be professional service and doing the best for our clients. Being regulated by the RICS means a lot and CaribbeanMGT is one of the only RICS regulated companies in the Caribbean and we are the only RICS regulated estate agents. The RICS is a Worldwide standard in professionalism, ethics, service and quality. There is no higher honour than being a Fellow of the RICS which Roger attained in 1992, at the exceptionally young age of 29.

CaribbeanMGT is here to serve, innovate and add to the Cayman and the Caribbean business community.

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Roger Southam BSc(Hons) FRICS FIRPM FARLA has over 40 years real estate experience in the UK and elsewhere. He was educated in Cambridge and Nottingham, and holds an Honours degree in Urban Estate Surveying.

Over his career Roger has gained significant experience as an estate agent, developer, investor, operator and manager of all types of real estate. He founded his award-winning company, Chainbow, in 1989. Over 27 years he became best performing partner with GE Capital, GMac and HSBC. He was at the forefront of customer service revolution in real estate in the UK setting himself apart with client care, renter service and customer engagement.

In 2012 he was at the forefront of the birth of multifamily in the UK and founded the UK Apartment Association (UKAA). The UKAA brought together operators, investors, developers and suppliers for shared learnings and experience to grow the industry faster and professionally. In 2016 Savills bought Chainbow for its innovation, service and management delivery. Following overseeing the successful integration of Chainbow into Savills, Roger left to pursue consultancy demands, offering his skills and knowledge to PLC’s, financial institutions. and operators.

Roger always sought technological innovation that made operations and service better and easier. Always looking to do more with less, technology can be a burden or a release. Recognising the difference and ensuring the technology works for you are the watch words that ensure business can boom.

Roger trained as a High Performance Coach in 2004 with Michael Breen at MBNLP. He holds certificates in general NLP, Business Master Practitioner and High Performance Coach through MBNLP. His coaching was a boon in business in being able to help team members achieve of their best at all times.

Roger’s knowledge, experience and innovation has seen him working across the globe. He is an international speaker with presentations in Europe, USA, China and Caribbean. Roger is married to Roberta, who holds an MBA and is a Chartered Surveyor. He has two grown up daughters from a previous marriage and a grandson.